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'2018/01'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2018.01.02 New year resolution (3)
2018.01.02 11:56 분류없음

This year, I will build healthy habits to make my life resilient and sustainable. The goal is to keep active and positive energy for the rest of my life, by maintaining these practices like a muscle memory.

Every day : 

- Use the app "Things"(To Do list) religiously: plan what I will do a daily base. Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize. Do the most important (including personal items), not the most urgent. Invest 15m every morning in the shuttle

Every other day:

- Work out. I did pretty well in last half, working out 2-3 times a week. This year, I will increase this to every other day even if it’s just 30m yoga at home. 

Every week

- Do one hustle every week. Hustle means something that I haven’t done before, something new and something I can learn. (Even if the learning is that I don’t enjoy that activity) It should be action-oriented. Reading articles about the new topic doesn’t count. Start trading new coins counts. Examples:

1) Buy a house (Talking with an agency for the first time, getting pre-qual, go house visit counts) 

2) Take an advisory role for a startup

3) Start trading new coins 

4) Publish my articles in Korean though Newspeppermint or Publy 

5) Start e-commerce business on FB page 

6) Egg freezing 

7) Go to Indian wedding 

8) Do sth fun with Pete

Looking back, I stopped all my side projects since I joined Facebook (because I was too busy and exhausted after work) and that made my mood dependent on day to day work events. I was passionate at work at that point, but it was not sustainable. It ended up draining my energy. I’m a curious person and learned that I need these side projects to keep myself happy and active. (not just drinking or watching tv) 

- Do weekly review: I will move Monday morning worry zone to Friday afternoon. It will help me to plan weekend activity/hustle of the week’. No planning was fine when I’m excited, but it was not sustainable. I’ll plan my personal activities as well. During the weekly review, I will 

1) Write down what I did well

2) what I could have done better

3) what I will do that weekend (personal hustle ) 

4) what I will do next week (mostly professional ) 

5) who I appreciate (and send thanks), 

posted by moment210