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2011.09.27 11:25 Scrap
Sounds scary...

Recently I simply have no time to read and think because of all those cases, many of which are old or not-that-interesting or sth I already know. Maybe it's because I become super inefficient when it comes to read English, which seriously annoys me. or maybe I just drink too often.... :-(
I'm not following any industry news as I used to,(what? when iphone 5 comes out?) and it makes me feel bad. 
Can we just open a class that everybody reads a newspaper instead of textbook cases..?-from politics, business, arts to new books. After all, it's necessary skill for a successful businessman. If MBA is really about networking and learning from colleagues, we would have much more interesting debate that way. ....well, I might not be able to say anything though.

아 영어좀 잘하고 싶다. 아쫌!!!

페북에 투덜대다 말고 블로그좀아껴주자 라는 생각이 들어서 여기다가도 포스팅. 이 블로그 잘 챙길 수 잇으려나 나.. 
posted by moment210